ATAR Unit 3 & 4 Content Organisers (delivery start of Feb 2022)

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A collection of 18 reference guides covering specific areas of the course, designed to summarise key syllabus concepts for students.

Come as editable Word Documents designed to be printed and distributed to students.

The bundle contains a reference guide for each of the following topics:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Performance enhancing strategies
  • Training programs
  • Angular kinetics (angular momentum, torque, levers)
  • Fluid mechanics (drag, lift, magnus effect and types of flow)
  • Newtons Laws, impulse and coefficient of restitution
  • Application of biomechanical principles
  • Mental skills
  • Mental skills strategies
  • Social loafing and Carrons model of group cohesion
  • Transfer of learning
  • Leadership styles
  • Coaching/training activities
  • Movement analysis
  • Reflective learning and use of video and checklists
  • Structure of a skeletal muscle, types of muscle fibres and Sliding Filament Theory
  • Nervous control of muscular contraction and mechanical characteristics of a muscle